'the SUPESU sofa is best defined by how it increases space and functionality. The sofa combines an aesthetic experience with spatial and functional qualities’

A high end modular sofa system that enables the user to make decisions on how it fits within their particular space and reconfigure in order to get the best use out of their unique living space. The design allows for surface storage at either end and is scaled appropriately to ensure if fits comfortably in any living area. The sofa combines the use of scale and simplicity to create a item perfect for small areas.
Photo Credit: Renee Hodskiss
Tasmanian Oak Hardwood Frame and Oxygen Mist Fabric Cushions

All fabrics and timbers can be altered depending on each individuals unique taste, space or circumstances. Alex will work with each client to design and style in order to get the best outcome.

Chaise Sofa
H750mm x L2700mm x W1400mm

3 Seater
H750mm x L2100mm x W750mm 

2 Seater
H750mm x L1500mm x W750mm

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