the “Loui” side table is best defined by its simplicity, functionality and adaptability. This table has been designed to be used in multiple ways and in different spaces to form an integral part of a living routine.

Handmade at my studio, this small table consists of solid timber American Oak and American Oak dowel. The handle brings an ease of flexibility. “Loui” can be used as a table to sit your drink in front of the fire, having a bath or as additional seating when guests arrive meaning that it can be used in multiple ways bringing additional substance to your living spaces and create meaningful routines.

The name “Loui” comes from my Italian grandfather (nonno) Luigi or Loui as we called him who recently passed away during the final stages of this design. Luigi was an Italian immigrant to Australia at the age of 19 who went on to become a carpenter and furniture maker in Northern Tasmania. Many of his tools and machinery has been passed down to me and used in the making of the “Loui” side table.
                                                                                                                                                                        Photo Credit: Mel de Ruyter

American Oak

Choice of timber can be altered depending on each individuals unique taste, space or circumstances. 

H: 400mm x L: 350mm x W: 350mm

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